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The end of lockdown 2021 is on the horizon and the buzz is building as we prepare for our outdoor 1:1 sessions we've been running this month, to extend to classes outdoors from Monday! We are so grateful to many of our members who continued to pay their membership during lockdown and make the most of our daily online zoom classes and/or access to the Mayhem affiliate programming. This means we have survived lockdown and continue to strive to keep improving the box for all members when we reopen 12th April.

Initially we can only offer Open Gym sessions due to the restrictions, but we've found this is actually a better way for members to gradually ease their way back to CrossFit at their own pace, ready for classes hopefully restarting 17th May. We are also looking forward to getting our CrossFit preschool, kids and academy teens back to the box and building their strength and fitness back up at a steady rate! Most sessions are full, but we do have the odd space available so message us to get your kids booked in or on the waiting list! We are at capacity for adult members other than the 10.30am class slot so if this suits you get in touch to join or to be added to our waiting list for new members!

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Coaches Vicki Finn Smith and Courtnie Mills for keeping members going on zoom and 1:1 outdoor sessions during lockdown and continuing to strive for better with us, in all we do at All Out. Vicki continues to deliver additional engine sessions for those who want to go that extra mile, and Courtnie continues to develop her coaching skills and CrossFit Kids coaching.

Congratulations to Coach Chris Knight and his partner Rachel who have certainly had a busy time during lockdown with both working from home, moving home and welcoming their second daughter, Harriett, to the world in January - a lovely baby sister for Emily!

We are ready to welcome the Team back where they belong and are raring to go!

See you soon guys and gals - we missed you!

Tez and Vikki

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