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CrossFit classes are a group session delivered and monitored by one of our CrossFit coaches.  They generally consist of a warm up and mobility, olympic lifting / strength work and finishing with a WOD. 

All WODs are universally scalable which basically allows anyone – at any standard of fitness or skill level to participate.  It also allows members to get to know their fellow CrossFitters and help build confidence and motivation to complete the WOD. Your fitness levels are irrelevant – you’re all working hard and wiped out by the end. 

It’s worth remembering that every CrossFit affiliate is individual and most affiliates do not follow the CrossFit HQ programme.  Our Head Coach Terry delivers all programming for the classes.

Open Gym

Open sessions where members can come and do the WOD at their leisure or focus on their strengths and weaknesses as they choose.  Some members use this time to hit a benchmark WOD.

These sessions are not coached, but a coach will always be on hand to chat to members and give general tips and advice on movements, techniques etc.

This is also a great time to grab a drink at our seating area, socialise with members, get to know your fellow CrossFitters and talk all things CrossFit!



This is the beginners course that ALL new members are required to complete before participating in CrossFit classes and is included within your first month’s membership payment, or if you choose to go ‘pay as you go’ a £30 fee is applicable for the course. The fundamentals course consists of 3 x 60-90 minute sessions. The course covers the 9 fundamental movements used in CrossFit and is generally held monthly, but private sessions are available at additional cost.

The aim of the course is to ensure new members have been taught the movements in a dedicated and safe environment, allowing our experienced and qualified coaches to individually assess clients to ensure safe and correct technique.  We consider any individual teaching requirements and restrictions, allowing a seamless introduction of new members into a class environment with minimal impact on existing members.  Each session of course, ends with a WOD!

Speciality Classes

We hold extra classes for members who are looking for additional coaching or experience of: weightlifting, gymnastics, engine or strongman. Limited spaces available, more info is available to members upon joining.

50+ Classes

We hold weekly Sunday afternoon sessions designed for those over 50 or who feel they need a medium intensity session rather than high intensity.  This is on a pay as you go basis.

Personal Training

We offer personal one-to-one training sessions in everything CrossFit, e.g. complete your fundamentals, improve your general strength, fitness or specific skills and use this time to focus on developing your strengths and improving your weaknesses. The sessions can be catered to your specific requirements for any sport you are part of or goals you have.

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