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On Sunday 15th August the All Out Community came together to enjoy our annual box throwdown. It was the perfect opportunity for members to get back on the competition floor and enjoy a fun and fierce day of fitness after nearly 2 years of missing competitions due to COVID. There were 2 categories for each gender, RX and Scaled, with all teams being paired at random. The atmosphere was electric all day for our in house event; excitement, nerves, lots of hard work, but most importantly, plenty of laughs and enjoyment.

Members worked their way through 3 gruelling WODs, testing each component of fitness. WOD 1 involved a 'You Go I Go' format, with handstand push ups, toes to bar, dumbbell cleans and double unders.

WOD 2 got gritty as members combatted 'Double Grettel', 20 rounds for time (you go I go): 3 clean and jerks, 3 bar facing burpees.

WOD 3 combined cardio machine sprints and a weightlifting complex in the remaining time (1 squat clean, 1 hang squat clean, 1 front squat, 1 STOH). WOD 3 was particularly memorable, with both members and spectators lifting the roof during part B of this workout. Just look at the reaction from these guys!

The final workout was also split in to 2 parts. Only 4 teams from each category made it through to the final WOD to battle it out for a place on the podium. Part A included a chipper of bar muscle ups, chest to bar, DB OH lunges, box jump overs and wall balls. With Part B being a max calorie row in remaining time. This one got spicy...



In 3rd place - Frazer Macintosh & Zack Cooke

In 2nd place - Chris Knight & Matthew Taylor

And in 1st place - Dan Woolley & Paul Hilder


In 3rd place - Marie Levitt & Sophie Moffatt

In 2nd place - Katie Dodds & Katie Robson

And in 1st place - Becky Auton & Courtnie Mills


In 3rd place - Alex Evans & Phil McAlpine

In 2nd place - Gavin Plews & Simon Turner

And in 1st place - Peter Ivey & Tony Kenny


In 3rd place - Clare Pedley & Kara Elston

In 2nd place - Gemma Keeligan & Izzy Wilkinson

And in 1st place - Kyla Edwards & Nicola Jacques

Congratulations to our podium athletes, and well done to everyone who took the leap and participated in this years Throwdown. Also a BIG thank you to everyone who made the day possible. To those who helped out: took photographs, helped with admin, leaderboards, judging and supporting other members during the day. It really was one to remember after such a tough year. Team All Out, until next year... ❤🖤

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