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CrossFit All Out

Welcome To The Community Of Fitness

All Out 

CrossFit All Out is a strength and conditioning facility based in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham in the North East of England.  Owned and managed by husband and wife Terry and Vikki Anderson who have put their heart and soul into creating their dream box, a genuine community of people who all have a passion for fitness. 

Achievable transformational results



“We wanted to create a genuine community of people who all have a passion for CrossFit (aka strength and fitness), working hard to get the results they desire in a supportive, focused and relaxed atmosphere.  We made the decision to have no contracts and it has paid off, with a consistent total of over 100 members since opening which has resulted in us having a great, diverse group of people from all walks of life, who are all here for no other reason than they love what we do.


We have really created our vision of a Box filled with a community of like-minded individuals, with some really strong friendships, where everybody helps, motivates and encourages each other, with not only finishing the WOD’s but also with advice, knowledge and sharing new and old ideas and concepts.



Terry is a very experienced, highly qualified head coach and has covered many different styles of training.  He believes he has now found something that truly gets results – whether that be to lose body fat, improve body composition, improve fitness, strength or all of the above.


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